Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Tote Bag with zippered divider++a 1st

Finished Product

Inside with zippered divider unzipped to show the pocket.

Inside with zippered divider zipper and slip in pockets on each side.

Enlarged picture to show design

One of the ladies from church said she needed a new purse and would love for me to make her one---BUT she liked a zippered divider. You guessed it. I had never made one like that. So, I decided to try and see if I could do it and I did!!!

I was very pleased with the way the bag turned out.

I added pink"leather" handles and used Chocolate Lollipop fabrics from Westminster.

I put the divided pocket with a pink zipper in the middle and slip in pockets on both sides of the lining. I also used a magnetic closure.

This purse would be cute wider and shorter too.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Haute Tote McCall's Quilting Magazine

When my quilting magazines arrive, I immediately look for a purse pattern. I was not disappointed in this current April issue I received a week ago.

This tote was designed by Nina McVeigh and is intermediate in skill level. It has woven handles which call for an apparatus (Diva Custom Cord Maker) you have to buy that costs $35, but I made mine from a coffee can lid.

It also calls for you to make piping out of cording and bias tape you make.

Anyway, I used all new fabric from my ebay store from Michael Miller and Exclusively Quilters.

It is pieced and quilted, and I am very happy with it, since it is my first attempt. I did follow the pattern, except I put in a magnetic closure and added pockets on the inside. I like a lot of pockets. I did find that the inside lining piece was too tall so I made alittle edging out of the lining which sticks up on the outside of the bag (the polka dot), and I rather like that. My husband called it a happy accident.

I used Warm and Natural batting for the outside and fusible fleece on the lining.

You have to make bias tape from the 8 fabrics you use to make the bag. If you don't know how, it is shown on the website for McCall's.
You have to buy the magazine to get the pattern for the tote.