Friday, July 31, 2009

first embroidery attempT

I bought a new sewing machine this summer++++++++Janome 11,000 Special Edition+++++and finally yesterday I got up my nerve to try to embroidery something. I did a built in design of flowers-of course-my passion at the moment. I was pleased with the design and plan on putting it on a purse or make up bag soon.

I first made a quilt and several purses and accessories and finally yesterday I thought-I have got to face my fears!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband wants me to monogram all his shirts with George. lol

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bags made with bosal interfacings

I am always looking for new and improved products for myself and for my online stores. Especially in interfacing, which make or break a bag. As bags are my passion, that is what I concentrate on the most.
I read about Bosal interfacing on someone's online site as used for a purse pattern. I contacted the company to get samples and have met up with the nicest guy ever. Drew Serbin. He sent me samples and I sewed all weekend making a bag, a make up bag and a cell phone case. Yesterday (Monday) I sent him p ictures and he posted them on his company's site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Truly an honor for me. Check it out