Friday, June 29, 2012

Tomato bag tutorial #4

Tomato bag tutorial #4
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Once you get the handles finished, put the bag RST sew the side seams 1-2" seams and over edge stitch or serge the side seams - as you have no lining.
Box the corners and torn RSO

Tomato bag handle tutorial #2

Fold the handle up over the end and leave 1-2" below the line you sewed. Starting at the very top sew across- licking beginning and ending- and pivot and sew an X diagonally and across the bottom. Do this for all 4 handle ends.

Tomato bag handle tutorial #1

First cut out your piece the size you need for your tote. Then, fold the shorter edges down 1-2" and press and another 1-2" and press an stitch from side to seed.
Cut webbing the length you need and measure the same distance fron both edges on both sides and pin.
Lay the end of the webbing just over the seam you sewed but not all the way to the top.
Sew across the webbing overtop the other line. Do this on all 4 handle ends.

Tomato bags for sharing our garden

Every year we share tomatoes and use those plastic bags from the store. Now we have quilted totes the perfect sizetonhold 3 or 4 tomatoes. They stand up and hold their sale.
I even figured out he to sew on the handles to prevent fraying ad it actually made the handles stand up at attention.

Lovely gift from friend barb jolly

What a lovely surprise came in the mail from friend barb jolly! Such a sweet labor of love. This piecing is perfect and she sent a lovely quilt stand too.

Hello luscious layer cake quilt

I made one similar to this and smaller for a relative and liked it so much I made another for us!
The 10" moda layer cakes are fabulous and have several ways to cut them. But I like squares! Lol
Mary weber at we quilts in barboursville, wV machine quilts for me and Marie Miley hand binds the quilt.