Sunday, August 24, 2008

Purse like Connie's with matching tri fold wallet

I made this purse because someone saw Connie's and loved it and wanted one. I sold it for 40.
Connie wanted a wallet so I made her one of the tri folds to match her bag. Now, her Mom wants one. lol
Outside of the the trifold.

Inside of thet tri fold. I love making these wallets.

Hungarian Cake

While I was in Canada, I went wild over Carol and barry's new fry pans. I used t hem and found them to be awesome. So of coursem when I got home, I had to have some for us.
So, after searching awhile, I bought them on the internet. I love this brand and now I realize I need the bigger one. The first one of us to use one of these was hsuband George. I told h im no high heat and no metal utensils. You guessed it. He did both and the pan is marked now. I hope it will be ok. They weren't cheap either.

Barry's mother makes this cake and of course I had to have the recipe. When I got home I made it for our after church luncheon the next Sunday. It was a huge success and delicious. T he total amount of sugar was 1 and 1/2 cups, but I only used 1/2 cup and used 1 cup of splenda, and it was perfect.
The cake has 14 eggs in it!!!!!!!!!!!!yummylet me know if you want the recipe.

My Canada Trip

In early August I flew to Canada to visit my friends carol, Barry, Ean, and Jasper. While I was there we went to a close by botanical garden, which was enormous. It actually covered several miles. I took lots of pictures with my sony camera, but love this first one and put it on as my new screen saver. It is awesome on my sony monitor.
This was the coolest area literally and so peaceful. I wish I had it in our back yard.

This is me waiting for my delicious lunch at a restaurant after the trek through the botanical gardens. I was traumatized by all the walking. Remember, I am used to sewing.
Carol and Barry. As you can see, Carol is glad to be there, and Barry is not. lol
These people are awesome and so good to me.
I met them 10 years ago on the internet and we have visited back and forth many times. Barry is my duplicate bridge partner sometimes, but he has gotten too good to play with me. He earns lots of master points, but puts up with me sometimes on BBo.

Trip to Canada

i flew to Canada in early August to visit my friends Carol, Barry, Dan, and Jasper.

We went to the Botanical center, which was huge and stretched out over several miles.

I took lots of pictures with my Sony and here are a few.

The rest are in my Flickr site.

This was so cool really and peaceful. I would like to have it in my back yard.

Here I am sitting at a restaurant at lunch time-dying from all the walking. Remember, I sew all the time here. lol

Skirt Purse

I have all my pictures posted at Flickr as do lots of other people from all over the world.
A girl from Brazil has hers there also and she and I have started to converse. However, neither one of us can read the other's language. lol
I love her work and she likes mine.
I saw a purse she made similar to this one I call Skirt Purse and I wrote her and asked the dimensions but she couldn't understand. So I had to guess and the first time I made it too big. I got the opinions of several people and the general concensus was that is was too big, although I liked it. I cut it down and this is how it l9ooks now.

I made a tri fold wallet to match. I am sort of stuck on making the tri fold wallets. I love it.

swap purses for yahoo sewing group

We have a little group of great sewers who are all addicted to making purses-some for profit, some for giving, and some just for the sheer joy of creating.
We are having a Fall swap and this is the purse and trifold wallet I made and sent to my swapper.
It is made with Moda peace on earth by the 3 sisters and I love this fabric.It went to Laurel and she wrote me that she loved it. I am so glad.

2nd braided handle tote bag

If you looked at the first braided handle bag, you might notice the difference in this one. I always follow a pattern the first time, and then for some odd reason, I tend to deviate...Oh, well, for this bag I ussed the same Michael Miller fabrics but put the bottom at the top and vice versa.
I did put a piece at the top, which I was supposed to do on the first one and it just didn't work out that way. llol
I find these things happen when sewing.

I love the inside stripe on this bag and I also added a key fob on a strap so you could locate your keys.

Above is a better view of the braiding, which, incidentally, I did use the Diva maker I purchased. I love the braided handles.

Good view of the bottom where I put piping all the way around.

I guess I took some time off and didn't realize it....

Ilove these fabrics from Michael Miller and just can't quit making things with them. I made the purse with the braided handles and then 3 hobo types and accessories. Then I made a quilt for the bd, but it is in Amish country now being hand quilted. More on it later.
I took all the scraps and sewed them together and then cut out the putse and quilted it.Then I sewed it together.
Of course, I have to have a matching wallet. So I made a trifold wallet the same way.
It has a zippered coin compartment and 5 credit card slots and 2 slip in bill compartments.
I put them and the second braided handle purse in my Etsy store for sale.

I added a key clip to the handle so the owner could attach their car keys and just grab this and go inside the store to shop and lock her purse in the car of course. I do this all the time. That way you don't have to watch the buggy with the big purse in it.