Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Canada Trip

In early August I flew to Canada to visit my friends carol, Barry, Ean, and Jasper. While I was there we went to a close by botanical garden, which was enormous. It actually covered several miles. I took lots of pictures with my sony camera, but love this first one and put it on as my new screen saver. It is awesome on my sony monitor.
This was the coolest area literally and so peaceful. I wish I had it in our back yard.

This is me waiting for my delicious lunch at a restaurant after the trek through the botanical gardens. I was traumatized by all the walking. Remember, I am used to sewing.
Carol and Barry. As you can see, Carol is glad to be there, and Barry is not. lol
These people are awesome and so good to me.
I met them 10 years ago on the internet and we have visited back and forth many times. Barry is my duplicate bridge partner sometimes, but he has gotten too good to play with me. He earns lots of master points, but puts up with me sometimes on BBo.

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