Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skirt Purse

I have all my pictures posted at Flickr as do lots of other people from all over the world.
A girl from Brazil has hers there also and she and I have started to converse. However, neither one of us can read the other's language. lol
I love her work and she likes mine.
I saw a purse she made similar to this one I call Skirt Purse and I wrote her and asked the dimensions but she couldn't understand. So I had to guess and the first time I made it too big. I got the opinions of several people and the general concensus was that is was too big, although I liked it. I cut it down and this is how it l9ooks now.

I made a tri fold wallet to match. I am sort of stuck on making the tri fold wallets. I love it.


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