Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fabric Pumpkins

I love Fall and especially pumpkins.
Friend Mia made some fabric pumpkins and I tried to
make some using her tutorial. Notice I said tried. She is a much better seamstress than I am and so talented. Anyway, my twine was too thick and it just didn't suit me.
I also couldn't see to thread the needle, so husband George jumped in and ordered me a "miner's" type visor with a magnifying lenses and light attached and a magnifying lamp and a lighted magnifying glass.

Meanwhile I started researching tutorials onlin for fabric pumpkins and found tons.
Then, I found the perfect one for me.

Now, I can't stop making them.



  1. You did great Barbara. Lovely rich colours. Very addictive too. I ended up with 12. LOLL

  2. Barbara, your pumpkins are so beautiful, I love the colors. It's nice when our husbands are involved in our creations, you did a beautiful job, thanks for sharing with us.