Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where in the world have I been???

The last day of September and the first day of October. I was substitute teaching in a kindergarten class when my vision got crooked. The next day, I went to the retina specialist, and she sent me to thee emergency room. After numerous tests, I went home in 4 days knowing only that the neurologist did NOT think I had had a stroke in the left eye. The left eye is or rather was my good eye, but it is now my bad eye. It is, however, getting better.

At first I could not read or work my crossword puzzle, cryptoquip or jumble, email, etc. Now, I can, with a little bit of a struggle.

Anyway, I am getting back to my blogging and emails and have been working on my new website. today I got my domain name and in a couple of days will be up and running. This is my fabric / sewing supplies store.

October 24 we went to Houston, Texas to the International Quilt Market and had a fabulous time. I saw all the new products for sale and especially liked the fabrics and purse patterns.

I absolutely went straight up over the Marcus Brothers Al fresco line and bought all 19 bolts. I can't wait to get it. I love the Surg and Sand by the same designer and bought several from it too. The fabrics are gorgeous. I bought several from the Eleanor Burns Benartex Victory Garden collection, and several from Maywood Studios and Moda. I have really been working to get it all listed online.

Back in August, I started making my bags for the Bazaar this coming weekend. I finished them last weekend and delivered them to the lady who sells them in her home along with items from several vendors. I have added the pictures I took of everything.

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  1. Just found your Purse Blog - love the pics and can't wait to see them "in person" tomorrow!!
    Love, Linda