Friday, April 17, 2009

Melly and Me purses I made.

The one of the top is the Toffee Aoole which forced me to learn how to sew in elastic which in on the pockets on the end and also to do a drawstring at the top.
I think it is good to raise the bar so to speak but sometimes frustrating. I think it turned outnice and Connie fell in love with it and of course I gave it to her.
The second one is called Sherbet and it is smaller than I like and did not turn out at all like I thought it would but it is adorable and i gave it to Ellen the friend who cleans for me. She was thrilled. If I make it again I will make it larger. I like the larger bags myself.I really don't carry a lot I just like to be able to find things when I reach or look inside the bag.

I discovered Melly and Me who make purse pattern and are in Australia. I bought a couple and made them, but really struggled because they were advanced for me, but I finally suceeded.

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