Sunday, April 3, 2011

My faborite Bag ++ Kati Cupcake Pattern

I finished making this bag and boy was it a struggle. The pattern calls for fusible fleece on outside pieces and inside and the outside pockets and part of the inside and the bottom and also heavy duty on the bottom.

I have 2 favorite sewing machines. Baby Lock is my favorite, but it couldn't sew through the layers - even with a walking foot and a size 16 denim needle.
So, not to be undone or done in, I switched to my Janome 11,000 with a walking foot and size 16 needle. which I promptly broke-the needle that is- and the walking foot came off of its own accord. I discovered I had attached the walking foot incorrectly.

So, I got the WF on right and added a size 18 denim needle- just in case- and the Janome pulled through.
This bag also has 8 grommets that go through outside and inside, which was an ordeal.

Then after I got it almost finished and was ready to install the grommets, the inside pockets were too tall and bumping into where the grommets would be. So, I had to removed some of the separating stitching to make room.

The purse is so thick, I had a terrible time isntalling the grommets.

If I make it again, I will not use fusible fleece on everything but will use lightweight fusible cotton interfacing on part of it. I will install the grommets earlier if I canfigure out how to do it, LOL And I will make the inside pockets shorter,

The overall design is really pretty and I love her pattern. She included templates for some pieces and also probided color diagrams. Every little bit helps.

 Take a peek.

I forgot to say that this bag is huge and has tons of inside pockets and outside and I think it might have  been designed as a diaper bag. I really love the pattern and found it easy to follow. but would definitely alter it for my machines and talent.

In my ebay store, this has been my most popular pattern as of late.

There is also a pattern included for a diaper clutch or for wipies. I am going to make one to match the bag and use it as a make up bag.


  1. I love your bag and choice of fabric. It looks quite difficult to make. I recently made a bag that called for flece on both outside and inside and it was too thick so i just put fleece on the outside piece and interfacing on the inside and it sat much nicer.

    1. thanks for writing.The difficult part of this bag is putting inthe grommets. I learned the hard way to use super glue to make shure they stay in. I think you could make it without the grommets too.
      Was it fusible fleece you used?

  2. The fabric is amazing! Nice job!!!!

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