Sunday, August 21, 2011

Renee Tote Bag Pattern

When I went to Cincinnati in April, I bought several patterns I had never seen before and loved the looks of this pattern....but I couldn't understand how to do step 1.

I finally decided to look at the web site and found that this lady has designed several purses and had her contact address @ of course. So, I emailed her and was pleasantly surprised when she answered the very next day with a detailed further explanation and her phone number for me to call her. she even offered to call me if it was long distance. How nice and refreshing to meet someone who is so helpful.Seems like i often need help.

I have to admit that after she sent the email, I read and re read it several times and decided to get started. i cut out the fabrics and sewed on the batting and ironed on the interfacing, and finally it was time to start the darts. I recruited George, my husband, to help. He stood with a magnifying glass and the pattern and I sat at the kitchen table with pins and the pattern piece and surprisingly i figured it out.

Now I have finished both front pieces and sewn the band and the loops and pinned the handles and am ready to attempt the inside zipper pocket.  I have done these before, but these directions are totally different and "foreign" to me. So i think I will stop sewing and keep reading. LOL

More to come

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