Monday, December 19, 2011

I have not been good to post and I don't have a real good excuse, except I have had a lot of orders for purses to make for people....then I went to Texas to the International Quilt Market the end of Oct. I walked myself to death and saw lots of new things for sewing like fabrics, patterns, etc.

You just can't imagine how huge it is and how many vendors. The day before I left I had palpitations and was so exhausted I had to go to bed. I slept all afternoon too exhausted to go to dinner so I had room service.

I made it home and didn't feel any better all week so Sunday I went to the ER and spent the night in the hospital to find out my magnesium level had gone low which was the problem. Now I am finally starting to feel like my old self.

Here are some pictures of Texas -some of the classes and demos I attended.

 Eay Peazy above

 Patty Yound
 Patty Young

 Anna Horner
 Anna Horner
Anna Horner

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