Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lucille Bag 004

Lucille Bag 004
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Well, here is the finished product of the Lucille Bag-my new pattern from Abbey lane Quilts. I really like the way it self cinches when you pick it up. Of course, I can't seem to totally stick with a pattern. Using the fusible fleece made it too thick to gather all the way through outside and inside, so I did the next best thing by using strip of elastic on each side. I put it inside and sewed it from the inside using black thread.
You may notice, I quilted the outer bag in the triangles too. The bag does not call for pockets, but I think you could put them in if you want them. I do like pockets, but decided it might just be too much trouble. Maybe next time?
The pattern had templates to cut out the corners in a rounded shape and also to cut out the semi circle in the middle of the bag. Then you cut a small triangle beside the top.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the pattern and like the way it turned out.
I love using Batiks.

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