Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Project! Fabric Storage baskets

I love things in containers and not strewn all over the counters or dresser tops or bathroom, etc. Last year I made a denim container using Jen Giddens free tutorial and we use it to keep our bread in on the counter. It holds 3 loaves of bread standing end for end. It is adorable. I am fairly sure I posted a pic of it.

I was browsing through the free projects at and found some baskets and decided to make one. I made the read and blue one I posted and decided it could be made alittle easier. I like easy.
For it I had used the sew in craft type interfacing from Therm o Web which I love. I forgot that I was supposed to turn the edges under and iron it and when I got to that step I realized it was too thick to work. So, I added a strip of fabric along the top to turn under and it worked out ok. Then when I added the rick rack to the lining, it was alittle redious going around the circle so I decided next time I would not do it that way.

Anyway, by the time I finished the first one I had completely changed the pattern. LOL

When I made the second one, I used Therm o Web fusible fleece on both inner and outer and it worked wonderful.

I also sewed the rick rack on the lining before I sewed the lining together.
That was a mistake, which I later fixed.

Anyway I am going to make another one and take pictures of the steps for those of you who are interested in making one.

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  1. Looking forward to your instructions Barbara. I love fabric baskets.