Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gesika's Wallet

I have a college student working with me in my sewing activities for credit towards her degree. She needs to spend 20 hours with me and so far we have spent about 7. It is refreshing to have someone who is young and brave and without preconceived ideas of how something "should" look. She has a leather sleek looking credit card holder with a strap that buttons to hold the cards in place. In the middle there is a slip in space for bills. Hers has credit cards on both sides. It is really small but compapct. I went straight up over it and she decided to make me one. We decided upon the fabric and I sewed up a rectangle shaped piece for the outside and we decided to fold it, and after we did, it was slightly different than hers. Since she was making it for me, I decided I wanted a coin section and a loop strap for mine.

She obliged and used velcro to make sure the coins wouldn't fall out and the bill part just stayed the same slip in. On the bottom was another slip in compartment and we left it that way for hankies or pad and pen.

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