Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I finally finished a new tote purse I have been working on for myself.
I used the Moda Simplicity charm squares and faux leather handles.
I pieced the fabric and quuilted it and used a stripe for the lining with flowered pockets.

I made another one like this with fabric handles for my niece Susan for her Easter gift.

I have not been posting much because I have had health problems with my arms. First I had a stress test because the doctor that it might be heart related and the test turned out negative, so I had a catherization. That, however, was fine. Praise the Lord.

Then, when I was barely over that ordeal, my left arm went numb from my pinkie up to my elbow. The worse was the pain in my elbow. I went to the doctor and he had me to take muscle relaxers and pain pills and I slept for a week. Then I had to go for a nerve conduction test, so I quit the pills. Then I went to my doctor for the follow up and he said I need prednisone, so now I am taking it and back on the pain pills and it is getting a little better.
If this doesn't work he says I need surgery on my nerve in the elbow.....

Back to the purse, I have decided to put rick rack around the top of my next tote and I am excited to try it. I am afraid it might be a little tricky for me though.
I wish some of you reading this would write me.


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  2. Hi. I came across this blog while looking for some quilt patterns that uses Moda Simplicity Charm Packs. I am a beginning quilter and am also a school teacher. I have made several quilt tops and pinned everything together but I cannot get the hang of the finishing stitching. I paid a friend of mine to finish the quilts for me.

    I love your purse using the Moda Simplicity. I found your blog site to be interesting. Thanks for sharing. I pray that you arm/nerves are healed. CR