Wednesday, October 14, 2009

International Quilt Market in Houston 2009

I just returned Monday from Houston and enjoyed so much attending the Quilt Market and seeing all the new products, fabrics, etc, for the sewing industry. While I was there, I helped out in the Bosal Foam and Fiber booth demonstrating my Marlee Baby Bag made using their fusible fleece, poly therm insulated fleece and their craf=Tex sew in heavy interfacing and lastly their cotton woven interfacing!!!!!!!!!For my great niece Marlee, I designed the bag and made the first one for her. Then we worked up the pattern on the computer and had it printed and I sold and gave away copies at the Market. I took several I made which are listed and shown here in the blog. I also made one 1/2 way so people could see the interfacings sewn and or ironed in.
The people from Bosal are fabulous and were great to me-even printed the pattern-and took me out to dinnerand gave me an opportunity to see the Market from the Vendor's prospective.It was fun and enjoyable.
I love their product because of the way my bags look and feel using it and because it is made in the USA.
I met a lot of great people there and enjoyed talking with them.
I went to the Moda Fabric/United Notions dinner and met some lovely ladies from California who make mosaic quilts based on architecture they see all over the world. So fabulous to talk with them.
When I left the Hilton to get a cab to the airport, I chatted with Kate Spain, Moda's newest designer, and we shared the long cab ride to the airport. She designs fabric, paper products, a lot of things. She was so great to talk with and so nice. It was my honor to meet her. Her fabric line is called Verna by Moda. Check it out.
The people at the Hilton and at the George Brown Convention center were wonderful and I really felt at home.
It is great to get outside and travel and see other parts of the usa.

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