Monday, January 25, 2010

Putting in the zipper Part 3

Zipper: 7”
Lay an outside piece right side facing you and lay the zipper down
about ¼” down along the long edge at the top right side of zipper
down and the edge even with the edge of the fabric. Pin and sew
along the edge all the way across with your zipper foot. Lay down
on top of this a lining piece wrong side up Pin it over the zipper
and re sew along the top edge through the lining piece and the
zipper side you already sewed. Turn the lining over and top stitch
on the edge of the fabric on the outside beside the zipper. Be sure
to pull the lining down smooth against the outside piece.
Now, take this whole piece you just sewed and lay the side with
the zipper down on top of the other outside piece right side facing
you. And pin and sew across the zipper onto the outside piece.
Then take the lining piece wrong side facing you and lay it on top
of what you just sewed and sew across it again. Turn the lining
piece over and top stitch. Now you should have the whole thing
laying flat with the zipper in the middle and the pieces on either

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