Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Peace Sign Bag

This is the back of the Peace Sign bag by Sweet Seams. I love this pattern too and love the way it turned out. This is one continuous pocket with 3 divisions-2 of which have button closures and the third has no closure but a little button closed pocket on the outside of it. It has pockets on the sides too.
This is a good view of the front, on which is supposed to be appliqued the peace sign. i chose to leave it off for now. You can see the side pocket too.

Around the top is a drawstring to cinch it up alittle or a lot or not at all. Your choice.

On the inside there is one tiny pocket for keys. Pockets are really not needed on the inside. Although you could put them when you make your own.
I put a tiny bit of the outside fabric around the bottom of the lining pieces because I thought it was too short. Turns out when I had it together it was not too short, so I ended up pulling the extra fabric on the top of the lining to the outside -making it a couple inches taller. I kind of like the "happy mistake" as George calls it.
It seems like every time I make something=no matter how hard I try to do it perfect and follow the pattern instructions= I make a few alterations, no pun intended.
The fabrics are Moda on the outside and free Spirit on the inside.

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