Saturday, November 3, 2007

Most of you know, I have a fabric store on ebay, and last week my husband and I went to Houston to the international quilt market for retailers. It was absolutely awesom. I have never seen such lovely fabrics in my life. I attended several sewing classes-one with Eleanor Burns in her flower and vine technique for applique using a kit she gave us.We sewed on Baby Lock's new espire, and I liked it so much I bought one there.When I got to Eleanor's class I was alittle late, and there was not a seat for me, so she said for me to sit up front with her and we would take turns sewing, which we did, and she was so nice and wonderful.I attended a class taught by Nancy vasilchik a designer for exclusively quilters, and she gave us all kinds of tips for sewing and lots of goodies and a dvd with lessons on how to make a prarie point tote and a purse/tote and applique. We were given charm packs in the posy party and another line, I liked that fabric so much I went and bought 6 bolts from the posy party line.I went to Jinny Byers's class on how to incorporate color brightness in quilts and received another charm pack in bright solids. She was unbelievable in her designs.I went to another class taught by Amy Butler which was truly awesome and her things she brought to show were great. She gave us a brochure book with all her new things in it and signed my copy.I went to the Moda class on charm packs and received lots of goodies there and a dvd with patterns using 8 of the new lines charm packs. We also got a couple charm packs.Lastly, I went to the sulky class on how to make a rag bowl and made a small one, which I thought was so much fun such a great gift idea. I went to lots of other classes and then spent 2 days on the floor seeing over 1,000 vendors showing all their new products, fabrics, patterns etc. It was great not to mention 2 or 3 thousand quilts too, When the market is over the very next day they have the festival which is for sewers. They get to go to classes and walk the floor buying retail.Oh by the way Moda has a new product called layer cakes that is like a charm pack only the squares are 10 inches and there are 40 in each pack.

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