Saturday, December 1, 2007

Babylock Espire

I have to tell you about my babylock espire that I got in Texas. This machine practically sews itself.
I am constantly amazed at what it will do, and I don't even know what it will do.
This is the machine on which I sewed with Eleanor Burns at her workshop in Texas. I knew then I loved it, so after the workshop I went down to the floor and tried one out=picking the brain of the wonderful cute little girl who was working representing Babylock. I cannot remember her name, but she sat down with me and showed me everything Babylock would do and I was sold. She said she herself had 16 machines, but they were furnished of course by Babylock. She said she did all the embroidering. I considered an embroidery machine but decided I wanted a top of the line machine that I could make my quilts and bags and then if warranted, next year I would get an embroidery machine.
It threads itself
It cuts the thread
It staystitches at the beginning and end
It has a pivoting feature that is unbelievable
It is all screen fingertip touching
You program the stitch you want and then the other features and push the button for the presser foot to go down and that is it.
When you are sewing and you stop, the presser foot comes up but the needle st ays down in the fabric-wonderful. Then when you s tart sewing again the presser foot automatically goes down and it starts sewing.
When you are finished you push the stay stitch button and it does 3 stitches and cuts the thread.
When you thread the machine it is effortless. I have had other machines that said they were self threading and I never was able to do it.
The bobbin threads so easy and when you get it threaded you push the needle down button and then again and it comes up threaded.
It dings to alert you when the bobbin is getting low and says it on the screen.It dings when the thread comes unthreaded which is not very often and stops.
It tells you on the screen it is unthreaded.
The decorative stitches are amazing. More later.

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