Saturday, December 1, 2007

More about the Sale

Yesterday afternoon George and I went to the sale to check out how things were going and to shop!!! I bought a necklace for my sis in law and a bracelet for friend Linda. I also bought a Santa Claus from Louesa, my friend from PEO.

I couldn't resist Susan's cheese spread and shortbread cookies.

Susan is unbelievable in her talent and creativity. Her home is beautiful and decorated perfectly. All the jewelry she made looks like it came from a jewelry store. And her food items were awesome and everything was "tastefully" packaged and displayed with professional wrapping and labels and stickers etc.

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to sell my things in their sale.

They said about 10 of my bags sold yesterday, so I am hoping a lot more will sell today. I am planning on going to the sale later today and maybe helping or at least packing up my things to bring home. Maybe there won't be anything left to bring home. Wouldn't that be great?????

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