Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year - Make it great in 08!!!

I can't believe I have been silent on here for such a long time. It seems like time is swirling by at a rapid rate. Daddy used to say that the older one gets the faster time goes and boy, was he right. I sure miss him.

I am a member of a sewing group on Yahoo and someone posted a blog-sewing tutorial on how to make an Anykine bag.

Of course, I was wild to make one. The first one was not what I expected since I sewed the zipper on the wrong side. It turned out to be a pen case for my purse.

I read the directions and even printed out the pictures alittle larger and still I had problems. Finally, it clicked and I was able to make one.

I think it is adoreable and have included a picture of it.

Somneone in the group mentioned she had seen the bags on etsy, so I went there and found the seller. Hers are adoreable too and she had about 50 listed for sale. Now I am inspired to make more.

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